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The Deck of Remembrance

This deck reaches the memories of the soul, Astrology, personal insights, and symbolism in daily life are revealed through the cards. Constantly changing combinations of cards disclose the whole range of human experience.

A symbolon is an "object broken into two parts which...want to be reunited into a single entity." The Symbolon deck is a set of 78 images designed to help you remember forgotten aspects of yourself that are influencing your life from within. Each card shows a figure or scene that reflects one of these inner personae, their actions or motives.


26,10 €Preço
  • Autor: Ingrid Zinnel, Peter Orban & Thea Weller
    ISBN: 9783905017557
    Editor: AGM
    Idioma: Inglês
    Dimensões: 80 x 125 mm
    Cartas: 78
    Tipo de Produto: Oráculo

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