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Mlle Lenormand - Red Owl

The traditional Blue Owl Lenormand cards now with explaining verses.
Card interpretion has never been this easy!

Mlle Lenormand (1772 – 1843) came into prominence in France as a card diviner early in the 19th century. She made a deep impression upon the minds of her numerous followers and was celebrated by many famous personages.

The “Blue Owl” represent the marvelous cards found after her death, the same cards with which she predicted the rise and fall of Emperor Napoleon, the secrets of Empress Josephine and the fate of many court followers.

Mlle Lenormand - Red Owl

10,00 €Preço
  • Autor: ---
    ISBN: 9783038194460
    Editor: AGM
    Idioma: Inglês
    Dimensões: 56 x 89 mm
    Cartas: 36
    Tipo de Produto: Oráculo

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