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Tarot Apokalypsis

Companion deck to the bestselling and award winning Tarot Illuminati by Eric C.Dunne.

Open the Pandora Vase and immerse  yourself in innovative Tarot images inspired by ancient cultures and mystery religion. From the cult of Inanna in Sumeria and the Eleusinian mysteries in Greece, to the rites of Indian aghoris in the cremation grounds as they worship Shiva, each Arcana card presents a mystery religion of the ancient or modern world.

Tarot Apokalypsis

23,20 €Preço
  • Autor: Erik C. Dunne / Kim Huggens
    ISBN: 9788865274187
    Editor: LO SCARABEO
    Idioma: Inglês
    Dimensões: 66x120mm
    Cartas: 78
    Tipo de Produto: Tarot

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